Quality Control

The Hi-Performance quality-control program is a collective effort which demands and receives close attention from senior management and all staff.

Manufacturer selection, design and engineering quality into a product, testing at various stages of production, and final inspections are all critical areas which are professionally executed by Hi-Performance.

Internationally recognized inspection techniques and quality- testing procedures according to established protocols are performed by specialized staff reporting directly to senior management. The result is that you get what you order, the way you want it, when you want it.

How we Inspect:

  • When placing your orders, Hi-Performance assists you to ensure that specifications are correct in relation to performance and end use. Materials and advance samples will be thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to production start.
  • Product specifications will be checked against safety and quality regulations of the import country.
  • Inspections are carried out at every stage of production: before, during and after manufacture.
  • Hi-Performance inspections can be supported by independent laboratory testing, such as Bureau Veritas/Acts, CTL, UL, ETL coordinated by Hi-Performance engineering personnel.
  • Progress reports are made at predetermined intervals along with reports of any circumstances that might affect delivery dates. Recommended solutions are provided.
  • Final inspection will be made based on comparison to the approved samples and your specifications. These inspections are based on MIL-105D statistical sampling procedures and/or ASTM Standards.
  • Coordination of Factory and Social Audits
  • Coordination of Laboratory Testing, In-house RoHS & Lead Content Testing
  • Container Loading Checks