New Product Development

Hi-Performance offers a professional product-design and development service, combined with low-cost China manufacturing. Companies of all sizes use our services whether the challenge is to create new and unique products, improve or reduce the cost of existing products, or to transfer a domestic manufacturing program offshore.

Our passion for innovation fuels the imagination of our people to define the future. We offer new ideas plus practical engineering and quality manufacturing. We provide our clients with a complete package including feasibility study, concept design, engineering development, industrial design, functional prototypes, low cost tooling, manufacturing, testing and quality control, and shipping administration.

Our experience includes a wide range of consumer products ranging from ingenious low-cost product design to more sophisticated items requiring state-of-the-art product specifications and hi-tech fabrication and assembly technique.

Hi-Performance works closely with the marketing and sales departments of our clients, and functions as an extension of our clients' design and engineering departments to create, produce and deliver the required product.

Our broad experience and innovative approach to problem-solving often results in patentable product features. As we conceptualize and engineer new generations of products, we and our business partners have accumulated a strong portfolio of intellectual property rights to protect the design and technologies of the unique products we have developed.

If your company wants to develop new and exciting products, re-engineer its existing product line or simply reduce costs, use the services of Hi-Performance. You'll receive top-notch engineering, development and manufacturing assistance from one of the most professional companies in its field.

We offer our services on an individualized project basis. After we receive your inquiry, Hi-Performance will submit a multi-phase development and manufacturing proposal. During all project phases, a close working relationship is maintained with the client. And, of course, your project is handled on a strictly confidential basis including full security with the selected manufacturing facility.