To Our Business Partners

Established in 1994, Hi-Performance is recognized as a leading creator, developer and supplier of innovative consumer products.

We're in the "idea" business. We conceptualize, design, engineer, package, manufacture, and test new products for both private branding and OEM/ODM customers. We provide leading-edge design, sharply competitive pricing, and quality-control in strict compliance with customer specifications and international safety standards.

There are four reasons for our rapid growth:

  • Our passion for creativity and innovation
  • The outstanding engineering capabilities of our technical staff
  • Our close and strong commercial ties with the China Market
  • Our sincere dedication to professional excellence

Our Human Resources department invests enormous time and energy locating and selecting trained professionals to perform their specialized functions. The Hi-Performance staff consists of highly capable engineering, sourcing, and quality-assurance specialists, complemented by super-efficient logistical and administrative support personnel.

We live in "the age of globalization," with the integration of markets, communication and transportation systems to a degree never witnessed before. This new reality makes business more challenging and competitive. As a result, our product-design, engineering, manufacturing and procurement services are in high demand.

Keeping pace with dynamic global consumerism, Hi-Performance will continue to reinforce our market position by constantly strengthening our ties with strategic manufacturing partners who enable us to introduce new and inspiring products incorporating the latest technologies and imaginative designs.

We genuinely look forward to working with you...