The Hi-Performance Culture


Hi-Performance conducts its business with uncompromising integrity. People at every level of the company are expected to adhere to the highest standard of business ethics. Anything less is totally unacceptable and is not tolerated.


Hi-Performance provides products and services of the greatest possible value to its clients. By doing so, we gain and earn the continued patronage and respect of our customers. The satisfaction of each client's unique needs is a serious responsibility to be shared by everyone in the company.


Our growth is limited only by our ability and imagination. Hi-Performance does not believe large size is important for its own sake, but does believe that continuous growth is necessary because without it, there would not be the challenges and opportunities that attract and hold special people at all levels of the company.


We are internationalists. Our business demands that we constantly seek out and develop new markets. Hi-Performance "pioneers" are constantly on the move looking for the "Chinas" of tomorrow.


Hi-Performance believes in "Management by Objective.' Within the overall policy framework of the company, each individual in the company makes his or her own plan for achieving the Company's broader objectives. This approach offers the greatest possible freedom for individual initiative and contribution, promotes creativity, enthusiasm and a spirit of friendly competition.


We want all Hi-Performance people to achieve a quality standard of living by sharing in the Company's success which they help make possible. Hi-Performance works to provide job security and advancement based on performance and contribution. We recognize individual achievement, and help our people to gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Underlying Hi-Performance's personnel policies is the concept of sharing the responsibilities for defining and meeting goals, and sharing the opportunities for personal and professional development.